Sunday, 19 November 2017

Style Edit - My Winter Jackets

Blue Velvet Jacket (here, similar) Teddy Jacket (here, similar)

Definitely felt it getting colder this week, even I have to admit ha. So I've been thinking how to style my new winter jackets best for the weather at the moment. Below are some of the outfit ideas I've put together as inspiration. These two jackets I picked up awhile ago but its finally cold to wear them without sweating so much when I'm walking to uni haha.

Untitled #4678

Untitled #4669

Untitled #4705

Untitled #4438

Untitled #4438 by keliseblog featuring suede slip on sneakers

Untitled #4655

Untitled #4473

Untitled #4473 by keliseblog featuring a faux fur lined moto jacket

Untitled #4662

Untitled #4662 by keliseblog featuring white sneakers

Untitled #4694

Untitled #4694 by keliseblog featuring skinny fit jeans

Have you got your winter outfits ready? xxx

Friday, 27 October 2017

Travel - Mallorca Photo Diary

Wow third year has been mad so far, not been able to post as much as I would like unfortunately. But I've been through my holiday snaps and thought I'd share a few on here. Most of them are of the coast though, I love a nice blue sea. We stayed in a lovely villa super close to a cove beach which was great! 

Always seem to have a kitty visitor

How is your October going? Also let me know any posts you would like to see, in need of ideas xxx

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Style Edit - Off The Shoulder Tops

I'm definitely late to the party with this trend of off the shoulder/bardot tops I know. I've been a bit self-conscious with my shoulders but since it's just about the end of summer, gotta get that tan and vitamin D of course. I've also used them in quite a few polyvore sets recently, so here are some of my favourite picks from those.

Untitled #4608

Untitled #4608 by keliseblog featuring 7 for all mankind jeans

Untitled #4596

Untitled #4596 by keliseblog featuring a zara outfit

Untitled #4260

Untitled #4582

Untitled #4582 by keliseblog featuring a knot ring

Untitled #4590

Untitled #4590 by keliseblog featuring topshop jeans

Untitled #4514

Untitled #4589

Untitled #4589 by keliseblog featuring diamond bangles

Untitled #4570

Untitled #4570 by keliseblog featuring off the shoulder shirts

Untitled #4558

Untitled #4558 by keliseblog featuring high heel boots

Untitled #4538

Untitled #4538 by keliseblog featuring mini handbags

Untitled #4529

Untitled #4529 by keliseblog featuring a silver band ring

Untitled #4489

Untitled #4489 by keliseblog featuring ASOS

Do you have any particular styles of top you love right now?

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Interior Edit - Reading Corner

I created this set a while along, but it wasn't quite finished, until I came back to it recently. I guess it's like a reading corner, or cosy area of the living room. I love these kind of armchairs that are bigger than usual ones for more lounging around on. Also this geometric rug adds a little bit of pattern, and this little silver pouff, to put your feet up on. Also tall bookcase with favourite reads and ones to read, and nesting side tables to keep a lamp and a hot drink nearby. A few pendant lights, candles and lanterns for some cosy lighting and a plant for bit of greenery and because plants are cool! 

Do you have any favourite home decor pieces or styles xxx

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Superdrug Cocoa Dry Shampoo + My Go To Guide

I really only use dry shampoo occasionally, in between wash days as do most of us too I guess. Also being a brunette with most dry shampoo seeming to leave a white finish after applying I go for ones that are more designed for different hair colours and that are tinted to help avoid the white residue afterwards, but are still affordable too. I would also look for a product that provides a quick freshen up and smells quite nice too. So drugstore would be the obvious option to me, this superdrug dry shampoo is the one I am picking up for a quick spritz right now. Again this one is specifically for brunette hair as it is tinted I would say for medium to darker hair. It also has a light fragrance of chocolate brownie, which is a winner for me! 

Guide to choosing the dry shampoo for you? provide detailed reviews on plenty of products from bb cream, to hair dryers to eye creams. Including the best overall dry shampoo they found (which has been around since the 70's apparently) they have also very handily provided other categories such as hair colour, price and for your type of hair issue. But my fave part in particular was the guide to applying and using different shampoos i.e. in powder or spray form. I've haven't used a powder dry shampoo before so this will definitely keep this in mind for future use. Obviously trying out dry shampoos for yourself is the better, but this guide would give you an idea of what to go for depending on your own hair, and what you want from the product. Which is great if your like me, slightly clueless or never used dry shampoo before!

Also kind of love the background colour of this for some reason!

What is your favourite dry shampoo at the moment? xxx

*Contacted by to check out their guide.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Brand Edit - Zara Sale Picks

I really have a thing for Zara at the moment, I seriously love there detailed/embroidered tops and dresses especially and also the mesh tops are very pretty too. I've been looking through the sale pieces and spotted some real gems. So I thought I'd share my favourite items in a post.

Front Knot Top (here)

Daisy Print Top (here

Satin Bow Sliders (here

Metal Detail Bag (here)

Denim Shirt with Frilled Sleeves (here

Spot Pattern Jeans (here)

Metallic Detail Skirt (here)

Puff Sleeve Sweater (here

Poplin Top (here)

Do you have any picks from the sales at the moment? xxx